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At Living Wholehearted, we understand leading can be hard.

And you shouldn’t feel like you’re in it by yourself.

Living Wholehearted Coaching Groups give you a safe place to connect and recharge.

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Personal coaching and counseling can be powerful gateways to wholeness and healing.

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Shrinking the Integrity Gap e-Course

This new 12-part video e-Course is the perfect complement to Jeff and Terra Mattson’s book, Shrinking the Integrity Gap.

Shrinking the Integrity Gap

By Jeff & Terra Mattson

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with founders Jeff & Terra Mattson

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“You will not find more genuine and committed people interested in the well-being of you, your family, or your organization. Not only are they eminently qualified to do what they do, but they genuinely care about not just the results achieved, but the process by which those results are achieved.”

Britney Colton  -Chief Human Resource Officer, Stoel Rives LLP (Law Firm)

Leadership Matters. Integrity Matters.

Living Wholehearted is an organization committed to helping leaders live with integrity. Real leadership has more to do with who you are and are becoming than it has to do with a title. When leaders of all types LIVE and LEAD with integrity, everyone in their wake benefits; when they do not, everyone in their wake pays. It’s just a matter of time.

Integrity is where every part of your life, your mind, heart, soul, actions and relationships, are all moving in the same direction. Our counseling, leadership coaching, and organizational development services help you and those you lead shrink the integrity gap that exists in all of us between the values we preach and how we live.  Your effectiveness as a leader and the quality of all your relationships whether at home, work or play, are linked to your ability to live and lead with greater integrity.  Let us help you become the kind of leader you would follow.

Become the leader you would follow.

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