Founders Jeff and Terra Mattson speak nationally to varied audiences including corporate and non-profit events, men’s and women’s events, parenting and marriage conferences, university forums, church leadership retreats, and small group gatherings. They bring warmth, professionalism and depth to every event.

To inquire about booking, please email Janelle O’Connell at: info@livingwholehearted.com

Upcoming Speaking Events: 

November 3, 2017
Marriage Workshop: Communication that Works 
November 9, 2017
Hearts at Home:  Being a Mommy In An Anxious World
January 5, 2018
Emotionally Healthy Mommy
Mom2Mom; Salem First Baptist; Salem, OR 


Previous Speaking Engagements:

9.30.17:  Marriage For Millennials; American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference; Nashville, TN                                                                       5.5.17:  Discover the Secrets of a Thriving Relationship;  Missio Church  
4.21.17:  Discover the Secrets of a Thriving Relationship; River West Church
3.3.17:  Marriage Date Night “Enjoying Your Marriage in the Family Years”; River West Church
11.20.16:  Mom 2 Mom, Salem First Baptist  “Moments in Marriage that Work”
11.15.16:  Lake Grove Presbyterian Church  “Parenting the Teen Brain”
10.14.16:  Hearts at Home, Rolling Hills Community Church  “Intentional Living & Loving”
10.11.16:  Panel, Parenting-U series, Rolling Hills Community Church
4.3.16:  Rolling Hills Community Church “Bringing Home the Baby…Now What?” (Parenting 0-3 years old)
4.24.16: Rolling Hills Community Church “Syncing Your Parenting with Your Child’s Wiring”
2.4.16:  Sprouts Moms Group, River West Church “Too Pooped to Woop”
10.13.15:  George Fox University (presented to undergraduate students for their Strategic Marketing class)
5.17.15: “When Kids Are Hurting: What Parents & Families Can Do” Sherwood Center for the Arts
5.15.15:  George Fox University (presented to Doctorate of Business Administration students)
4.15.15: “Sweet Surrender”  Mt. Park Church, Cannon Beach Conference Center
2.27-3.1.15: “Flourishing: Rooted In Love & Living in Abundance” Rolling Hills Community Church Women’s Retreat
2.25.15: Keynote Speakers at Relationship Week Chapel Services George Fox University
2.14.15  Mentors 360 (presented to college-age entrepreneurs and their business mentors)
2.6.15: “Sexual Predators: Protecting Our Kids” Salem First Baptist Church
1.11-2.8.15: Rolling Hills Community Church ParentingU Workshops
11.2.14: “Guiding Teens through the Media Minefield” Rolling Hills Community Church ParentingU Workshop
11.13.14: “Margin: Making Space to Live a Faith-Paced Life” Western Seminary REVIVE After Five Conference
10.16.14: “Choose Gentleness”  Rolling Hills Community Church Women of Worth Luncheon
5.16-5.17.14: “Responding & Caring for the Sexually Exploited” SW Bible Church Conference
2.29-3.2.14: “A Beautiful Mess” Rolling Hills Community Church Women’s Retreat
7.19.13: Management Leadership Retreat, Subway Restaurant
2.20.13: “A Woman’s Influence on her Marriage”  River West Church SPROUTS
11.15.12: “How to Talk To Your Teen So He or She Will Hear You”  Mom’s of Sherwood
10.15.12: “Insights For Intimacy”  Couples Workshop, Club Sport
9.21.12: “Letting Your ‘Yes’ Be ‘Yes’ and Your ‘No’ Be ‘No'”  Healthy Boundaries Workshop, Club Sport
6.20.12: “Maximize the Strength Of Your Relationship”  Workshop, Club Sport
4.18.12: “Insights For Intimacy”  Couples Workshop, Club Sport
Apr-May 2012: “Wholehearted Parenting”  4-week Parenting Workshop, Sherwood Regional Family Y.M.C.A.
3.8.12: “Mothering Teens”  Parenting Workshop, Rolling Hills Community Church
3.7.12: “How to Talk to your Teen About Sex”  Mom’s of Sherwood
1.18.12: “Teachable Moments: Building Your Child’s Character in Ordinary Moments”  River West Church SPROUTS
1.12.12: “Dream of More…Intimacy”  Hearts at Home, Rolling Hills Community Church
10.1.11: Presenter at the American Association for Christian Counselors 2011 World Conference, Nashville, TN