The Core Values Index™ (CVI)

The Core Values Index™, is a Trademark protected property of Lynn E. Taylor, Taylor Protocols, Inc. and nKOR, LLC.  The CVI is a revolutionary assessment which enables you to understand your deepest core self. The CVI is distinctly different from other assessments, providing a phenomenal 97% test-re-test reliability, year over year and tapping into your unchanging nature. This index gives you knowledge for stronger relationships in every area of life and leads to achieving your highest and greatest contributions in personal, relational, and work endeavors.

One of the great things about the CVI is that it only takes one person to apply the wisdom gained to positively impact any relationship, even if others have never taken the CVI. Discover what over 500,000 professionals, couples, parents, and families have found:  The CVI is the most reliable and effective human assessment available!

At Living Wholehearted, we use the CVI to transform people’s understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.