Small Groups


Mending the Soul (Women’s Group):  This Mending the Soul group is for women and specifically designed to help you work through all the abuses in your story – from childhood to any current relationships personally and professionally. These abuses include spiritual, sexual, physical, emotional/mental, and verbal. So many of our stories contain overt abuse, where it is clear and obvious. However, a majority of us have covert abuse, that is harder to define. This group will help you process both types. Our stories are all our own and it is unfair to compare; however, a group like this helps us understand our own stories and brings healing in ways that individual work cannot provide.

When:  This group meets 7pm-8:20pm at the Living Wholehearted Offices beginning Oct.13-Dec. 29.

Cost:  Groups are $50 per week plus materials. Groups must be fully paid for prior to starting the group unless otherwise agreed upon by group therapist. 

Materials:  Each session is accompanied by weekly reading and reflection exercises from two resources:

Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse by Steven R. Tracy 

Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women – 2nd Edition (2015) and Celestia G. Tracy

Facilitated by Audra Mahoney, MA, LPC Intern.  Please email to register of if you have any questions.