iStock_000017646679XSmallProfessional Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families

We help you solve the people issues that keep you up at night. Counseling is meant to be a journey of HOPE and one that can either be proactive or responsive to the trials of life. No one is exempt from pain. We desire to come alongside you to set goals and facilitate change in a safe, therapeutic relationship.

Whether you are a leader of a large organization or simply trying to maintain the daily requirements of life, counseling can be a powerful, confidential space to pause and notice what is limiting your potential for wholeness and healing. We all have stories of pain and brokenness and each of us has a decision to make. You can allow your pain to drive you towards destruction, limiting your potential.  Or you can allow your pain to deepen your empathy and develop courage to live with a whole heart.

As Christian counselors, we strive to approach issues from a holistic perspective, keeping in mind the psychological, physiological, relational and spiritual aspects of your life. Our professional team of trained clinicians will carefully consider your lifestyle, choices, beliefs, and cultural influences. You are made in the image of God and are therefore, uniquely valuable.

Here are a few areas we specialize in:

  • Abandonment & Childhood Wounds
  • Abuse & Trauma Recovery
  • Adolescents & Children
  • Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Boundaries & Codependency Issues
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Depression
  • Emotional & Sexual Intimacy
  • Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues
  • EMDR
  • Family Life Skills & Counseling
  • Grief & Loss
  • Love & Relationship Addictions
  • Marital Counseling & Coaching
  • Parenting Skills & Coaching
  • Play Therapy
  • Pre-engagement & Pre-marital
  • Relationship Skills & Coaching
  • Sexual Betrayal (pornography, sexual addictions, affairs)
  • Spiritual & Faith Issues
  • Counseling for leaders in the community, pastors, and ministry leaders


Counseling Providers:

Dr. Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Ph.D., LMFT Clinical Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Alex Rankin, MS, LPC, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor, Men, Women, Families, Couples, & Adolescents

Monte Schmidt, MA, LPC   Men, Women, & Couples

Heidi Tillotson, MA, LMFT Associate  Individuals, Couples, Families, & Children

Audra Mahoney, MA, LPC  Children, Adolescents, Couples, Men, & Women

Marlys Petersen, MA,LPC Associate  Adolescents, Couples, Men & Women

Dana Denny, MA, LMFT Associate  Children, Women, & Couples

Esther Cho, M.Div, MA, LPC Associate  Children, Teens, Young Adults, Families, & Women

Annie Beckstrand, LPC Graduate Student Intern   Children & Teens

Jessica Bradburn, LPC Graduate Student Intern  Serving Women, Young Adult, Pre-marital Couples, & Older Teens