Our custom half-day and full-day workshops introduce you, your family, or your colleagues to a new way of responding to the challenges and opportunities in your key relationships. Workshops can be held at your location, or at the Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat nestled on 5-acres of old growth forest in Sherwood wine country.

Personal Development Workshops

  • Wholehearted Couples: Maximizing the Strengths of Your Relationship
  • 24/7 Sexuality: Finding Extraordinary Intimacy in Marriage
  • Wholehearted Parenting: Building A Child’s Character in Ordinary Moments
  • Impact: Teaching Boys to Respect Girls and Helping Girls Know Their Value
  • Effective Communication: The Lost Art of Empathy
  • Courageous Women: Free to Be Me
  • The Art of Noticing: The Missing Link in Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • A Beautiful Mess: Finding Beauty from the Ashes in Your Life
  • The KNOWN Workshop:Knowing Your Story & Finding Your Purpose
  • Integrity Dating: Cultivating Healthy Relationships for the Long Haul
  • Boundaries: Learning to Love Your Limits

Professional Development Workshops

  • The Leader & Trauma Cycle: The Surprising Connection 
  • Origins Workshop: The Importance of Living and Leading with Integrity 
  • Boundaries for Leaders: Creating a Culture for Success
  • Human Capital: Hiring & Retaining The Best 
  • Effective Communication: The X-Factor for Team Unity
  • Servant Leadership: Becoming the Leader You Want to Follow
  • The Helper’s Dilemma: Avoiding Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

Happenings at the Lodge

No events currently scheduled

Happenings Elsewhere