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Leading with integrity is hard—but you don't have to do it alone... in fact, you can't
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The world needs more leaders who live with integrity.

Your world needs you to live with integrity.

But how do you do this over the long-haul of leadership, finishing your race well?

The headlines tell the scandalous stories of failed leaders almost every day.

A pastor’s indiscretion with a church member becomes public, rocking a congregation and a community.

A college president posts a compromising photo on social media and is forced to step down.

An executive is convicted of using company funds fraudulently and spends years in prison.

There’s no industry or workplace left untouched by career-ending poor decisions.

Organizations suffer, relationships shatter, and families are left to deal with the sad aftermath of these bad choices.

How does this change? One leader at a time! Few leaders ever think they’ll be a sad headline, but how can you actually prevent this from becoming your reality?

You must do the hard work to get your baggage down to carry-on size. This will free you up from needing to get your needs met from the people in your wake of influence in unhealthy ways. Then you can lead with greater integrity where you can serve and give authentically over the long-haul. When leaders live with integrity, everyone in their wake benefits.

When leaders lack integrity everyone in their wake pays; it’s just a matter of time.

The Wholehearted Leadership Cohort

The Wholehearted Leadership Cohort is a two-year experience that guides you and 10-12 others through a holistic process of integrated leader development: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and relational.

Based on the Mattson’s book, Shrinking the Integrity Gap, you’ll go deeper than other leadership development models as you benefit from a professional community rooted in grace and trust led by experts in the fields of:

  • Trauma-informed systems
  • Neurobiology
  • Marriage & family therapy
  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Spiritual formation
  • Diversity & equity training

You’ll gather with other leaders from a wide range of experiences, disciplines, ages, and cultures where growth is fostered from the lenses of character and competency.

The younger generation in your leadership wake is already watching, learning and vowing either to be like you or to be different.

Jeff Mattson

Who Is This For?

Are you an emerging or seasoned executive or high-capacity leader/influencer in a business, not-for-profit, or faith-based community?

Do you want to grow and serve more effectively?

Do you want to better live the values you espouse?

Do you want to prepare and successfully navigate common pitfalls that plague all leaders?

The Wholehearted Leadership Cohort experience is for you.

2021-2022 Wholehearted Leadership Cohort

Each Cohort experience will include:

  • Monthly 90-minute virtual gatherings with Living Wholehearted coaches and exclusive guest speakers
  • Direct individual and group mentoring with Jeff & Terra Mattson and other Living Wholehearted Executive Coaches (see website profiles to learn more)
  • Individual executive coaching over 2 years (up to 15 hrs for each Cohort participant)
  • Lifetime access to all LW webinars and training resources made available through the Living Wholehearted Store
  • Four, two-day retreats at the Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat in Sherwood, OR
  • Overnight arrangements made by LW in the Willamette Valley Wine Country of OR
    *Travel expenses will not be included.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Cohort available now.

What Can I Expect?

You’ll discover what impacts your leadership, both as an individual and in a group. You’ll grow not just in knowledge but through experience as we unpack essential but often unexplored leadership topics:

  • Family-of-origin and your story
  • Trauma-informed leadership
  • Wholehearted Spiritual Formation
  • Hard-wired nature and living within limits
  • Creating and leading environments of grace, trust and wholeness
  • Addressing common symptoms leaders are vulnerable to and how to address them


Why Two Years?

There are no shortcuts to becoming a Wholehearted Leader.

Studies have shown the most significant personal transformation takes place over a period of two years. In our fast-paced culture, instant results are often prized at the expense of long-term health. When shallow charisma wins over character, communities pay the price.

Trust takes time. So does becoming a Wholehearted Leader.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Cohort available now.


Why Wholehearted Leadership Cohort over other leadership development training?

With over 20 years of professional and clinical experience, Jeff and Terra Mattson have a unique combination of skills to promote your development as a leader. Our wholehearted approach is different from most leadership programs. We’ll help you grow as a person—not simply develop your skills. 

Our distinctive approach combines counseling, consulting, executive coaching, organizational and leadership development, spiritual formation, and trauma-informed systems will help you become a leader who not only lives with greater integrity, but who can help others do the same.

Unlike other training programs, the Cohort is designed to develop long-lasting results that translate into a lifestyle of integrity in your home, workplace, and community.

What if I'm aware of my gaps now? Will this be a safe place for me to find help and healing?


We all have gaps. Jesus is the only one who did not. However, our goal is not perfection, but honesty. Once we know what our gaps are, moving toward shrinking them is possible if we are willing to face them fully rather than justifying or ignoring them until they leak in really unhealthy ways.

This process will allow you to take an honest look at where you are in your journey in the confines of confidential, trusted, and experienced guidance. Counseling may be recommended at some point. We do expect that wherever you are in your journey, you will move closer to healing and wholeness in these two years.


What will my time in the cohort look like?

Here is our proposed calendar for two years (Exact dates will come if you are accepted):

  • Monthly Thursday virtual group gathering with cohort & Living Wholehearted coaches
  • Guest speakers invited to share at retreats and/or monthly meetings
  • July & October Retreat at Living Wholehearted Retreat (Wed/Thursday)
  • Up to 15 Individual coaching virtual sessions with coach (schedule on own time w/coach)
  • Occasional Recommended Reading and Webinars
I'm a leader and I don't have a whole lot of time.

We know!

The Cohort is designed to help you build a team of support and life-giving relationships so you can finish your race well. All leaders are tempted to overlook their own growth and development. It’s the reason we wrote the book!

You’ll receive what you put into this cohort. But in all honesty, it’s not very much time or cost considering the cost of a major lapse in your integrity. 

Let’s put the time in now!

What's the cost?

The $10,000 fee covers all items listed above. This is an intensive leadership cohort model with greater depth than other models available to leaders today. It’s built to address the roots of who you are and not just the results people see.

We recommend your organization contribute to your cohort experience. Some organizations will cover 50-100% of the cost.

What if I can't afford the cost?

Partial scholarships are available though limited.

If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact us to discuss options if you are selected to be a cohort participant.

What about COVID19?

For in-person retreats or coaching, we can stay within our governor’s current guidelines for doing business and social distancing at our location as needed.

Travel and health will be considered before each retreat. We can make adjustments if things shift over the two years with your own health or our state guidelines.

Will I receive anything when I'm done if I choose to do this over another type of training?

Yes, you’ll receive a completion certificate for the Wholehearted Leadership Cohort.

You’ll also have a lifetime of exclusive access to our Wholehearted Leadership Cohort resources as we grow and develop them over the years.

We hope your greatest gift will be the transformation you’ll see in your life, the relationships you’ll form, and the deep influence you’ll have on the lives of so many others.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Cohort available now.