Far too often we wonder how anyone in ministry could use their position as a place to hide. Far too often we have been blindsided by a feeling that something is not right, but we all love Jesus so it will be okay. And far too often, someone finally shares about concerns regarding a ministry leader and they are ignored out of fear of what it might mean.

Far too often.

Jeff’s first paid ministry position was as a youth pastor in heart of Seattle, WA. The youth group was made up of teens from the International District. Twelve of the fourteen spoke English as a second language.

We both served these kids with our whole hearts, giving them what we thought was the heart of Jesus. One day, the associate pastor was found missing and it soon became clear that he had left with the church’s entire savings in hand.

Yes, this man had plotted for five years, even marrying a woman in the church. We later found out he was a professional embezzler, and this left the entire church traumatized.

Welcome to ministry.

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