Thanks for celebrating 10 Years of Living Wholehearted with us!

Over the years in our counseling, coaching, and organizational development work, we have utilized many clinical, biblical, relational, and business tools and assessments to help bring about transformation in the lives of leaders.

Being trained in nearly fifteen assessments, we settled on the Core Values Index (CVI) years ago with it’s unmatched clarity and reliability in all settings. With a 97% test/retest reliability rate, we can’t ignore the value it brings to understanding each person’s natural hard-wiring and the way it accurately identifies who a person is, anywhere they go, over their entire lifespan. This helps to transcend work, ministry, and home environments and get to the core motivations, communication styles, and conflict strategies from birth to death.

With the CVI in mind, we thought it would be fun to share the history of Living Wholehearted in your own preferred communication style. Without even knowing your own CVI results, you will likely be drawn to one version or another. Based on the four Core Values of the CVI (Banker, Builder, Innovator and Merchant), you can “choose-your-own-adventure” below!

If you’ve never taken the CVI, but now you are getting curious, you can take it here. In the meantime, just follow your personal preference as to how you most enjoy taking in new information.

Are you a….


Your love of knowledge is a Core Value and having the right information is important to you. You enjoy routine and predictably effective systems and often think in linear patterns. You care about the facts, the data, and the details. If this sounds like you, go here for a detailed timeline.


You rely upon accomplishing tasks and getting things done now: actions and results! Bullet-point communication and lists are for you! If this sounds like you, go here for the shortest version of our timeline.


Understanding, compassion and strategic thinking are your strengths. You love brainstorming ideas, recognizing connections in the midst of complexity, and developing new systems and processes that help bring efficiency. If this sounds like you, go here for a more creative approach to our timeline.


Building and sustaining relationships is what is most important to a Merchant. You work well with others and you love to discover new possibilities. You are a storyteller and are emotionally intune with the needs of others. If this sounds like you, go here for a more playful version of our timeline.

Bankers: Living Wholehearted Timeline

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Builders: Living Wholehearted Timeline

Jeff and Terra met in college in 1998, married in 2001, and launched Living Wholehearted in 2011. They began with a name, a website, offices in Tualatin (Oregon), and the Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat. Living Wholehearted went from a staff of 2 to a current team of 11. What began as counseling and coaching resources for leaders of all kinds has expanded to include:

  • retreats and workshops
  • speaking engagements and interviews
  • a national conference
  • spiritual direction
  • Courageous Girls website and curriculum
  • a podcast
  • the Wholehearted Leadership Cohort (leadership development)
  • 2 books: Courageous: being daughters rooted in grace and Shrinking the Integrity Gap: between what leaders preach and live

Living Wholehearted has partnered with various organizations over the years like Trueface Ministries and is excited about their latest partnership with Christian Parenting. There is exciting growth ahead, including the new LW Lodge & Retreat that is under construction (coming summer 2021)!

Innovators: Living Wholehearted Timeline


Jeff & Terra meet at Seattle Pacific University. From the beginning, they sensed their work and ministry would be done as a team…but they never imagined a journey like this!


Jeff & Terra tie the knot (one week after Terra’s graduation).


Terra graduates from George Fox University with a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Economy shifts and Jeff decides it’s time to get a Master’s in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga.


“Aha” moment about Living Wholehearted – Jeff & Terra envision the counseling, consulting and retreat resources they would team up to provide for leaders of all kinds. They give it a name, “Living Wholehearted”.

They seek out mentoring and funding to help bring their vision into reality.

Living Wholehearted was awarded the registered trademark from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In pursuit of the trademark in 2010, Jeff had a conversation with Dr. Brene Brown’s management, who at the time was unknown to the Mattsons. Her team saw the unique contributions we were trying to make in people’s lives in our fields and gave full permission to pursue exclusive rights to the mark “Living Wholehearted” In 2011.


Opened counseling offices in Tualatin, Oregon, under the new LW name

Launched LW website


Jeff left his 9-5 job to jump into coaching & consulting full-time—Jeff & Terra were the only members of the staff


The first Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat purchased


First Courageous Girls group formed locally

Hired first LW affiliate

Hosted first Wholehearted Marriage Retreats, Organizational Retreats, and Prayer Retreats


Counseling team grows from Terra…

…to a team.


Speaking, Workshops and Retreats including the American Association for Christian Counselors World Conference

Added Spiritual Direction to the list of services provided

Counseling and Coaching practice expanded


Participated in first Vision Retreats to help guide and direct LW growth

Participated in Trueface Leadership Cohort and linked arms with a common mission to encourage personal/relational/spiritual authenticity

Hired first Executive Assistant, Janelle O’Connell


Courageous Girls groups expanding

Courageous Girls website launched – curriculum became available nationally

Terra interviewed by Christianity Today for an article about abuse in the Church

Introduced to David C Cook publishers


Started Living Wholehearted Podcast


Signed publishing contracts with David C Cook


Key interviews with Carey Nieuwhof, Focus on the Family, Family Life Today and Ministry Strong

CG curriculum became available globally *currently gathering on 6 continents around the world

Affiliation with National Association for Family Ministries, allowing tax-deductible donations

Sold original LW Lodge & Retreat (Dec)

Extended partnerships with many other organizations, including Murdock Trust Women in Leadership and Christian Universities


Hosted national conference, InCourage 2020 (now titled “Courageous Gathering”)—shifted to a virtual conference due to COVID pandemic (July 10-12, 2020)


Published books!

  • Courageous: being daughters rooted in grace
  • Shrinking the Integrity Gap


Signed official partnership with Christian Parenting and Denison Forum Ministries


Broke ground on new LW Lodge & Retreat (Feb) *opening summer 2021

Hired new LW Clinical Director, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann (Jan)

Launched Wholehearted Leadership Cohort (Jan)

Hired new Executive Assistant, Hollie Perlmutter (Feb)

Merchants: Living Wholehearted Timeline