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  Dr. Adrienne Rankin 

    Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant




Philosophy & Approach

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more
amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.” -Woodrow Wilson

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, I work from the passion that taking the time to mine new creativity, entrepreneurship, and vision reaps rewards for the individual, but also for the individuals he or she leads…and can lead in the future. As a strategist, I have a passion for what could be and am not intimidated by the scale of the mountain to get to the desired viewpoint.

I see coaching and consulting as one of the most direct pathways to creating that that view you want around you.  Yet on the way up the mountain, leaders don’t have to operate in the proverbial “rare air” but can find the collaboration and confidence through focusing their efforts through coaching. As you climb and create these pathways, I believe you then inspire others to the same – “enabling the world to live more amply, with greater vision.”


Formal Education and Training

This is what inspired me to complete a doctoral program in Strategic Leadership with a focus on Leadership Coaching at the same time as I was the Executive Pastor of a 5,000 person, growing, multi-ethnic faith community.  As a part of that 7-year assignment, I was a contributing member of the co-ed Women in Ministry Leadership task force for the broader International Foursquare denomination and part of a small national group titled WXP, or Women Executive Pastors.  As this WXP group across the nation affectionately calls themselves the one-eyed unicorns, I became passionate about identifying and navigating well the unique dynamics for women and other minorities in positions of executive leadership. 



For business and organizational leaders, we offer professional organizational development services
and leadership coaching at $225/hr.  These can be done at your location, our Tualatin office, or via
Zoom/FaceTime or the phone.  Personalized coaching for individuals, couples, and families is
facilitated at our Tualatin office or via Zoom/FaceTime or the phone at $200/hr.  We also can
create customized day retreats for you, your organization, and family at the Living Wholehearted
Lodge & Retreat located in Sherwood wine country.  


Contact me at 503-442-3727 or at adrienne@livingwholehearted.com to explore this more.