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Responding Well in Overwhelming Circumstance

We have the privilege of knowing and walking with many leaders in churches, non-profits, and businesses. Regardless of where we lead, the pressure rises in times of great uncertainty for everyone. Considering the recent pandemic, we asked a seasoned women’s pastor and leadership coach, Rhonda Began, to share her process of leaning in and navigating these uncharted waters. We think there is something here for any leader. – Jeff & Terra

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Saving Your Best For Those You Love The Most

It is common to give a full day's effort at work, come home, and feel like there are only fumes left to give to the important people in our lives. We feel badly and wish we had more, but someone has to make sure food is on the table, lights stay on, and the kids...

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Anxiety and the Holidays

When you think about the holidays, what is your first reaction? Take a second and take notice. Where do your thoughts go? What happens to your body? Do you feel excited? Happy? Overwhelmed? Sad? Anxious? Perhaps you feel all of these emotions? If so, you are normal! 

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