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cindy-geffel-artCindy Geffel

Artist & Art Coach



My Philosophy and Approach:

All humans are creative beings, but in our fast paced and stressed filled world, we rarely take time to activate the creative “right side” of the brain, missing an important opportunity to allow creativity to play a more dominant role in our “left side” society. People who are unused to the creative process need a supportive, non judgmental place to explore an alternative way of communicating through the means of art making. Art and art making are inherently perceptually and sensory based and involve the brain and the body in ways that verbal language does not. Produced imagery helps bring increased self esteem, self awareness, and achieve insight.

As an art coach, I offer techniques, supplies and instruction to assist clients in the production of a given image or to creatively play and discover new meaning in the resulting product. Clients sometimes have a clear vision of what they want to create, but have no technical skills to complete the project, which I can provide. Others want a time, place, supplies and assistance to process feelings from a counseling session. Assistance and conversation is determined by the client and given as requested. My goal is that what is produced is uniquely the expression of the client.


Art Bio:

I have over 25 years of art making experience, including teaching workshops and classes, with the intention of helping participants develop their own style of creativity. Additionally, I am a docent at the Portland Art Museum, where I endeavor to educate and engage visitors about art and artists.


Formal Training:

BS in Drawing, Painting & Printmaking from Portland State University; minor in Art History and Graphic Design



55 minutes sessions are $60. Multiple sessions of 4 can be purchased for $200. Payment is made at time of service by cash or check. Art coaching is not covered by insurance.

To schedule an appointment, please call me at: 503-516-0336