Small Groups


Women’s Group:   This Mending the Soul group is for women and specifically designed to help you work through all the abuses in your story – from childhood to any current relationships personally and professionally. These abuses include spiritual, sexual, physical, emotional/mental, and verbal. So many of our stories contain overt abuse, where it is clear and obvious. However, a majority of us have covert abuse, that is harder to define. This group will help you process both types. Our stories are all our own and it is unfair to compare; however, a group like this helps us understand our own stories and brings healing in ways that individual work cannot provide.

When:  Wednesday evenings from 7-8:20pmJanuary 3rd – March 21st
             Thursday afternoons: 11:30-12:50pm January 4th – March 22nd


Materials:  Each session is accompanied by weekly reading and reflection exercises from two resources:

Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse by Steven R. Tracy 

Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women – 2nd Edition (2015) and Celestia G. Tracy

Please email annmarie@livingwholehearted to register of if you have any questions. 



Men’s Group:  This men’s Mending The Soul group is a group therapy opportunity for those touched by the impact of abuse, in any form, to find healing and hope through psycho-education, scriptural wisdom, dialogue and weekly reflection exercises. Whether you are beginning your journey of healing from abuse, looking for something to move you further along the path, or desire to be equipped with tools to help you support an abuse survivor in your life, this group is for you.  The curriculum is a deep dive into the nature and impact physically, spiritually, and emotionally, of abuse in all of its forms and degrees with an aim towards restoring health and promoting healing. 

When:  The group meets weekly for 12 weeks (TBD)

Materials:  Each session is accompanied by weekly reading and reflection exercises from two resources:

Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse by Steven R. Tracy 

Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women – 2nd Edition (2015) and Celestia G. Tracy

Cost of sessions is $50/80 minute session.  All sessions are confidential. Attendance at each session is mandatory. 

Please contact Alex Rankin, LPC, MFT Intern (503) 568-1510 to discuss participation and to register. 



Parenting Workshop:  Facilitated by Child & Family Therapist, Roshana Grile, MA, MFT, this workshop is designed to equip you and your spouse with parenting tools (to use in addition to the ones you’ve already got!) that will help you to respond to your children’s big emotions while remaining calm, strengthen the relationship you have with your children, build your children’s self-esteem and set limits while minimizing power struggles.  

When:  The next group start date is (TBD) and will be offered at the Living Wholehearted office in Tualatin (19824 SW 72nd Ave).

Details:  $50 per couple each week  Register:  Email ( or call me (503.756.7390) by September 1.  Payment for the first session is due at the time of registration to reserve your spot in the workshop. 

Free to be Me:  Group therapy for those who wish to understand and break codependent patterns
When:  The next group start date is (TBD).
Facilitated by Felicia Wallberg, PC and Shannon Farrouge, LPC (options for insurance reimbursement available)  
Attend this class and discover ways to unpack other people’s loads you were never designed to carry. Codependent behavior is very common and can happen when we find that we are caring so intensely for others that we lose sight of ourselves. 
If you identify with some of the following symptoms of codependency, you are not alone: feeling consumed by other people’s problems, seeking to control or “fix” those around you, and losing sight of what you actually have control or influence over. 
Each week participants will have a chance to share their insights and stories as we seek to identify new ways of relating in healthy ways to ourselves and others. Join us as seek to  uncover what God has meant for us to truly carry. 
$50 per week with options for insurance available / $625 if paid up-front 
If interested please contact Felicia Wallberg at 503 421-1919 or by email (To best determine if this group is the best fit, all participants need to complete a screening by Felicia or be a direct referral from the Living Wholehearted team). 



Courageous Tween Girls Group

For girls ages 8-11

Facilitated by Roshana Grile, MA, MFT
6-week group  •  Next start date:  TBA

The Courageous Tween Girls Group is a 6-week group for girls ages 8-11. We meet on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 p.m. This group is a fun and meaningful time to connect with other girls while playing games, doing crafts and discussing various topics.

We’ll learn about:
• Who we are in Christ
• Changing emotions
• Responding to pressure from peers and media
• Building healthy and authentic relationships with others and God

Registration is $310 for all 6-weeks, or $55/week. To register, or for more information, contact Roshana Grile, MA, MFT at 503-756-7390, The Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat is located in a beautiful and peaceful 5-acre old growth forest in Sherwood. When you register, you’ll receive a detailed map & directions prior to the event.


Restoring the Heart

Group therapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Facilitated by Shannon Farrouge, MA LPC
13-week group  •  Next start date:  TBA

One out of every three women are sexually abused as a child or adolescent. Though we try to forget, hide, and minimize the impact of this pain, the truth is that our abuse deeply shapes our views of God, self, and others in deeper ways then we recognize. Facing our abuse takes great courage. This group helps you, not only to identify the consequences of trauma, but to also find ways to heal, cope, and redeem your story. Through confidential and safe facilitation, this group provides support among women who do understand and therapists who know the way through this journey. Do not let your past abuse take any more from your life…restoration IS possible.

To determine readiness, all participants are required to have an intake with Shannon White or be a direct referral from Terra Mattson. Cost is $50/week or $625 if paid upfront.  For more information or to inquire about upcoming dates for this small group, contact Shannon Farrouge at 503-888-1369 or


Changes that Heal
Four Shifts that Make Everything Better…and that anyone can do!

Facilitated by Shannon Farrouge, MA LPC
10-week group  •  Next start date:  TBA

Attend this class and discover how you can make the changes needed to improve your life and relationships. The four areas that we’ll focus on are: Bonding, Boundaries, Grace, and Adulthood. God designed people to grow in a specific way, but a number of circumstances can interfere in that process. Applying these biblical principles will help you heal areas of your past that may be getting in the way of your adulthood.

This class is for you if you have struggled with any of these issues: trusting others, getting stuck in perfectionism, finding yourself falling back in to old dysfunctional habits that are not productive, feeling at times that you have not fully matured, struggling with loneliness, having anxiety, guilt, resentment, feelings of inadequacy, grief over broken relationships, and difficulty connecting.

Recommended Reading: Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud (bestselling author of Boundaries). Cost is $50/week or $475 if paid up front. For more information or to inquire about upcoming dates for this small group, contact Shannon Farrouge at 503-888-1369 or


Courageous Young Women
For teenage girls ages 13-16

Facilitated by Shannon Farrouge, MA LPC
6-week group  •  Next start date:  TBA

Forming a healthy identity built on lasting truths can be a challenge for young women. This 6-week group is designed to help equip teenage girls with tools for creating a positive self-image. A safe place will be provided for the teenage girls to ask questions, gain support from their peers, and learn tools for navigating self-doubt and negative thoughts. Each week a new topic will be explored and there will be a time of connecting with the group and learning new skills. Your daughter will walk away from this group feeling more confident and able to see her unique gifts. For more information or to inquire about upcoming dates for this small group, contact Shannon Farrouge at 503-888-1369 or