Organizational Development and Coaching for Business & Organizational Leaders


We help you solve the people issues that keep you up at night.

The most important part of any organization is the group of people that give it life. Successful organizations are intentional about resourcing their people— not only with tools to do their job well, but with opportunities to realize wholeness and experience it every day.

Are you struggling to keep your employees motivated or regularly fighting burnout? Do you feel like conflict resolution is going nowhere? Has healthy internal competition turned into a territorial war within the environment? Is your leadership structure breaking down, or perhaps suffocating life out of the organization? How can you be sure your leaders know who they are and have done a sufficient job handling their own baggage before being added to the team? If you are wrestling with any of these areas of concern in your organization, we are here to help.

Our staff is committed to customizing coaching and organizational development to help you, and the people around you, overcome obstacles in your organizational structure and find each individual’s greatest potential. We take great pride in coming alongside proactive organizations that want to keep their environments, and their people, fresh and healthy.

Obstacles are not the only catalyst for seeking insight into how your organization can grow from functional to remarkable. Take the first step toward solutions that will benefit you, your people, as well as the bottom-line.

We offer leadership coaching sessions at your location, Web-meeting, or at our Tualatin office at $175/hr. For more information on Organizational Development services and rates, please Contact us at 503-679-4623 or 



Organizational Retreats


After benefitting from individual, confidential coaching sessions, many of our clients want to bring greater organizational health to their workplace.  A great start is an organizational retreat.  Depending on the size and scope, these retreats can be executed on-site at your organization, or off-site at venues like our Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat.  We utilize the Core Values Index (CVI) to help leaders and their teams discover their unique hard-wiring, as well as how that impacts day-to-day work, professional relationships, roles, and tasks.  We hear time and time again from leaders and their teams that these retreats are the most significant and impactful experience they’ve had!  The skills learned at your retreat transfer directly to your regular work rhythms, and create cultures where people thrive, performance improves, and retention increases.  Contact us at 503-679-4623 or at to explore this more.

“Our leadership retreat hosted by Living Wholehearted was the most valuable training time we have ever spent.  The location was beautiful, the atmosphere relaxed and the discussions and activities transformational for our team.  The LW Team are amazing resources and designed our day to exactly fit our needs.  Living Wholehearted is guiding us to a new type of leadership.  They have helped us to find a common vision and provided us with tools and perspective to find the best in ourselves and our employees.”

-Jim and Jodie Westing (Multi-unit Subway Franchisees)