Consulting and Coaching for Business & Organizational Leaders


We help you solve the people issues that keep you up at night.

The most important part of any organization are the people that give it life. Successful organizations are intentional about resourcing their people with not only what they need to do their job well, but recognizing the value of wholeness in their people and creating opportunities for them to realize their potential to experience it every day.

Struggling to keep your employees motivated, fighting burnout, or feel like conflict resolution is going nowhere, but downhill? Has healthy internal competition turned into a territorial war? Is your hierarchical top-down leadership model beginning to break down? How can you be sure your leaders know who they are and have dealt with their baggage before you hired them? If you are wrestling with any of these areas in your organization, you are not alone.

We are committed to customizing our coaching and consulting to help you and the people around you overcome obstacles in your organization and reach your greatest potential. We take great pride in coming alongside proactive organizations that want to keep their environments fresh and healthy. Obstacles do not have to be the catalyst for seeking insight. Take the first step towards the solutions that will benefit you, your people, as well as the bottom-line.

We offer leadership coaching sessions at our Tualatin office at $175/hr. We also create customized half and full-day retreats for individuals and teams at the Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat integrating rest and play with highly practical and effective tools for team building such as The Core Values Index. Half and full-day workshops and retreats can also be done at the location of your business or organization as well.

Contact Jeff Mattson to request more information on workshop and retreat rates.