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Jeff Mattson, MA, ORGL

Owner/Founder of Living Wholehearted
Organizational Leadership Consultant



There is a gap between the values we espouse and the values we live out. It’s a human condition, but leaders often don’t think this is true for them. Why? Some are so driven and never take time to know and accurately evaluate themselves. Others are afraid or know what they would discover from the outset and don’t want to go there. There are many factors that can contribute to this type of mindset, but in reality, it is hard for leaders to find outlets for this honest and critical reflection, and most leaders think this is for someone else, not them! Nothing could be further from the truth. For authentic transformative leadership to be realized in any person, this integrity gap can and must shrink. As you develop your integrity as a leader, everyone in your leadership wake benefits, but the converse is also true; everyone in your wake pays when there are integrity gaps, it’s just a matter of time.

As an Organizational Leadership Consultant, I leverage my expertise and experience with small and family businesses, corporations, non-profits, higher education, and start-up’s to apply highly effective tools that help business executives, managers, and their teams become the leaders they long to be and see the results they hope for in their organization. My clients realize greater joy in their work, gain tools that help them thrive in all of their relationships, and as a result, they and their organizations perform at higher levels than previously experienced.

We spend most of our waking hours on the job, why settle for mediocracy when you and your people can thrive! Highly profitable organizations (those that people want to work for and decide to stay in) are those that pay attention to the needs and wants of the people within, but you cannot give what you do not have. Commit to taking practical steps towards your own leadership development, and then model the way for others. I can take you there.  

I offer individual, couples, and family coaching sessions at our Tualatin office ($175/hr) as well as create customized day retreats at the Living Wholehearted Lodge & Retreat located in Sherwood wine country.


SYMBIS stands for Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott’s Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts movement.   Studies show that couples that do premarital counseling increase the likelihood of staying together by 31%.  The SYMBIS pre-marriage assessment is an excellent tool to help couples start out on the right foot. Couples take this fun and easy-to-use assessment individually online and then I meet with them to go over their results in 4-7 sessions. 

With a 97% reliability rating, the Core Values Index (CVI) is most reliable human assessment available as it goes deeper than a person’s personality and is not influenced by environmental factors (the high’s and low’s of life).  The CVI taps into a person’s un-changing, hard-wired nature and helps people understand WHY: they communicate, learn, contribute, handle conflict, and do things the way they do.  I was trained by the creator of the CVI and work with couples, families, leaders, and their organizations to help them connect to these critical insights that when applied, translate into people enjoying a much higher quality of relationship with those they love, live, or work with.