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An Uncommon Man

The other day I attended the funeral of a friend.  I met Billy over a decade ago on a fly fishing trip on the Deschutes River in Oregon.  At that time, he was in his late seventies and looked like a small version of who I imagine Moses to look like.  He had a big white beard and calloused hands that were a dead giveaway of a lifetime of getting stuff done!  He was kind-hearted and took an immediate interest in getting to know me among the other men in the group. 

 Needless to say, we hit it off pretty quick as I realized I was in the presence of an uncommon man. 

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One of my favorite mom moments recently was hearing my husband walk through the door and say, “Did you plan on Nevie and Laney playing in the mud?” “Well…” I thought, “I did say they could do some puddle jumping.” To my utter surprise and only 20 minutes to spare before Laney needed to be home for her family dinner, I walked outside to find the two girls in full glee. Covered from head-to-toe in mud and no shoes, they were literally dancing in the rain. Leave it to my eight year-old free spirit who loves creating memories and her dear friend, Laney, who is up for anything to make a profound point. I had to capture their moment. Two friends, hugging and loving each other, IN ALL THEIR MESS!

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Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Help for the Helpers

After a full day of seeing clients, I am left with one of two feelings: incredible hope or incredible sadness. Once in a while you might find me ranting in anger about the hardships of this world or singing God’s praises as I get to witness His miraculous work in the lives of my clients as we navigate messy, dark, and many times what seems to be hopeless circumstances.
Being a helper of any kind is truly sacred work. We sit in the confidential places where secrets that have never been shared are brought into the light, memories once pushed deep aside finally surface, and gold plated masks are laid to rest. Unfortunately, though our training and skill-sets may help us enter into these places, our humanity is not exempt from the impact of venturing into the trenches of such pain and sorrow.

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