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Over Being Overwhelmed: The Heart of the Matter

This time of year brings nostalgic memories, painful losses, and a whirlwind of a running to-do list. It’s the most wonderful time of year, and yet the hustle and bustle is so counter to the meaning of the season.

We said good-bye to Thanksgiving before Halloween even started. All my favorite stores were stocked with green and red before October could close it’s last pages. We are all in a hurry in every sense of the word this time of year. Anxiety is high and expectations are even higher. I, for one, am pledging to strike and not participate in the overwhelming any more. You with me?

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The Hope of Haley

Two weeks ago, a four year-old boy riding a scooter in his apartment complex was tragically hit and killed by an adult driver turning into the neighborhood. Police indicated that the driver was obeying all laws and that this was truly an accident. My wife and I were invited by the local police chaplain to an event he organized and was hosting last night at the police station for members of the apartment complex community hurting from what they witnessed. We were invited along with other mental health providers and local pastors to be present to care for and resource those needing care.

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Sara and Sam are 30 years old, have been married for five years and are finding themselves overwhelmed by his new social entrepreneur business, her blog and home business, their two small children and their big dreams. She finds herself on social media and not able to find a way to connect with her husband. He is struggling with pornography and dealing with all the stress. Both are lonely, tired, and wonder if the marriage is not working, rather than assessing what they are each are doing to contribute to the demise of their ideal dreams. It’s just not what they thought it would be…marriage, that is.

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